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Yoga For Everyone, Who Can Benefit From Doing Yoga?

Yoga For Everyone, Who Can Benefit From Doing Yoga?

Yoga is now a part of the urban lifestyle. Don’t believe it? Just look at the many yoga studios or places that are mushrooming in big cities like Jakarta and its surroundings. Carrying the concept of meditation with elements of movement uniting body, mind and soul, yoga is believed to be able to cope with stress. Not surprisingly, with the dense urban activities, many people choose to do yoga to maintain a healthy body and relieve stress after a long day.

There are lots of yoga studios that you can find in Jakarta. Ranging from the exclusive ones at quite expensive prices, to the affordable ones you can find in every corner of Jakarta. Not only that, various well-known sports studios in Jakarta don’t want to miss the trend by adding Yoga to their list of exercises.

Yoga For Everyone, Who Can Benefit From Doing Yoga?
Yoga For Everyone, Who Can Benefit From Doing Yoga?

Of course, when practicing yoga you need the right instructor and adequate facilities to have maximum results. Therefore, those of you who want to do yoga need to know the best yoga studios in Jakarta. This can be an option if you want to do this type of exercise.

In recent years, Yoga has become a sport that is loved by many people, both women and men. Its benefits for body, mind, and breathing have attracted many people to try it. Even those who are not fond of exercise, suddenly interested in trying yoga as a new alternative to maintaining a healthy body.

Actually anyone can do yoga, no matter their gender or age. Then who are the people who can benefit from doing yoga regularly? Before deciding to choose one of the yoga places in Jakarta, firstly it’s good you read the following review.

Yoga For Everyone, Who Can Benefit From Doing Yoga?
Yoga For Everyone, Who Can Benefit From Doing Yoga?
  1. People who experience stress or depression

There is a lot of evidence that yoga is good for our body and mind. Yoga is also believed to be a way of dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia, eating disorders and other mental health problems.

Yoga, which is synonymous with gentle movements and meditation. They often recommended to be tried by people who are stressed or depressed. By doing yoga, known to be practicing breathing, which makes lowering the symptoms of depression. For many patients dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress, yoga can be a great way to manage symptoms better.

So for those of you who feel depressed or stressed due to work and other problems, maybe you can try to do this type of exercise at various yoga studios in Jakarta.

  1. Pregnant woman

It turns out that yoga also has quite good benefits for pregnant women. With its gentle movements, pregnant women can actually do yoga. Many motions in yoga for pregnant women are intended to help prepare the muscles in the hip area to be more flexible for the birth process. Some of the movement such as squats, usually practiced repeatedly by the instructor to help open the hips and pelvic area for expectant mothers

Pregnant women don’t need to worry, because nowadays there are so many yoga studios in Jakarta that offer this type of exercise for you. Most importantly, before doing yoga, it’s a good idea to consult your obstetrician first.

  1. Elderly people

The elderly can also do yoga, even though they are no longer young. Now when you visit various yoga studios in Jakarta, you will see that the elderly are also very fond of this sport. As long as you choose the right type, yoga can be done at any age. For the elderly, yoga can be very beneficial to improve quality of life.

To be healthier and fit in their old age, the elderly can try yoga as an alternative exercise that helps them to stay active. In addition, yoga also maintains the body’s balance for the elderly and builds strength through flowing low-impact movements. No need to worry if you can’t find a yoga class for seniors, you can choose a beginner class.

  1. For those who are struggling to lose weight

Various yoga studios in Jakarta are flooded with those who are struggling to lose weight, no matter men or women. Those who are overweight, may benefit from yoga to help the slimming process.

Yoga is different from cardio or aerobic exercise which is often done to lose weight. However, research has found that yoga accompanied by meditation can burn more calories. One hour of yoga can burn more calories than walking with the same duration. Apart from nourishing your body, yoga can also help you relax, by involving a combination of mind meditation, breathing exercises, and body relaxation. The harmony between the physical, mental, and holistic are a major factor in the effectiveness of yoga to lose weight

  1. For those who want to gain weight in healthy way

It turns out that apart from losing weight, yoga also has benefits for those of you who want to gain weight in a healthy and safe manner. Practice yoga regularly and maintain your weight so you get the weight change you want.

Regular yoga practice can help spread excess weight. A study conducted by a number of researchers in 2009, found that regular yoga practice can increase a person’s appetite. This will help you gain weight in a healthier and more beneficial way.

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