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Best Time to Do Yoga

Finding the Best Time to Do Yoga in Jakarta

People start to put more concern on healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is not enough because the focus is only on body. On the other hand, human has mind, physical, and soul. This is where yoga practice becomes popular.

You can find place to do yoga anywhere around the world including Jakarta. As capital of Indonesia, the city provides several places that serve as the right place to practice yoga. Moreover, you will find several variations and services depending on your need.

The good news is you can visit some of places any time. The owners give freedom to their member regarding when they want to practice. For beginner, it is necessary to follow guideline. Practicing yoga will deliver the utmost result when you are in the right time. Moreover, some moments are definitely bad for yoga due. The next section will enlist times that you should pick to do yoga regularly.

The Best Time to Do Yoga

Toga studio has schedule and class. Members are expected to attend regularly. For example, you take evening class and the next time will do the same routine. However, situation may be irregular due to personal reasons. In that case, they should pick the schedule that is already in the place. Only the experience and professional can choose custom one.

  • Morning before breakfast

Yoga has various versions and majority of them will use morning as the best time to practice. As you know, the body is still fresh and relaxed after sleeping. Your stomach is empty hat is much useful when you do complex movement. If you already eat, stomach will give your issue. The worst situation is your foods come out again immediately. The time limit is up to 8 am and no more than 9 am

  • Early evening before dinner

Most yoga studios in Jakarta have evening class. In this time, people go home after work and need to relax with yoga. However, they must follow strict rule. You can take evening class but do not take dinner. Keep the stomach empty as similar with morning session. If you can control your hunger, choose light food but only eat the small portion. Drink fresh water and wait until one hour to continue practicing yoga.

  • 3-4 hours after meal time

Morning is preferable but some people have problem with schedule. As solution, some yoga versions are more flexible. If you intend to yoga, make sure the practice is 3-hour after mealtime. The best choice is four or five if you eat too much food. You need to calm your bowel and intestines.

  • Any time for minor exercise

Yoga has several variations and some of them are very light practice. It takes small time even you can do in less than 10 minutes. This kind of yoga is useful for everyone. The schedule is anytime and this is why you find yoga studio that gives flexible entrance in Jakarta.

From explanation above, you know that the time is crucial when doing yoga. Practice with more physical exercise requires the proper schedule. On the other hand, you may do minor yoga including meditation to tranquil your mind and soul.

Yoga is a mild exercise that is often used for meditation and inner calm. But it turns out, Yoga also has tremendous benefits for the physical body. Now, many people do Yoga for a specific reason, but mostly it is to get a calm mind.

Did you know that there are several benefits of Yoga that you need to remember? These are some of the things you need to pay attention to regarding the benefits of Yoga.

Best Time to Do Yoga
Best Time to Do Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

In order to practice Yoga more effectively, you need to know why you need to do so. Here are several benefits of Yoga for your health.

Manage Stress

Yes, who doesn’t know the negative effects of stress. By having a stressful mind, it will be difficult for you to live your daily life. In addition, you can also end up with depression. So, before it’s too late, let’s manage our stress by doing Yoga.

Yoga has been shown to regulate emotional balance and make you calmer.

Improve fitness

Fitness is something that can be obtained by training yourself to do some light exercise, one of which is Yoga. With Yoga, you can increase your metabolism, which in turn will lead to increased fitness.

Yoga can also increase the body’s immune system besides fitness. The trick is to stimulate several hormones which are usually inactive due to lack of exercise.

Help overcome health problems

Are you affected by various body health problems? Yes, it is because you may not be exercising enough. One of the things you can do is to do a variety of light movements including Yoga.

A study shows that people who do yoga have lower levels of cholesterol and fat than people who don’t do yoga. It proves how Yoga can be extremely beneficial to your body despite the light movement.

Back pain

Serious pain is a disease that is very often experienced by people who work at desks. Yes, this is one of the reasons why you are encouraged to have a lot of movement even though it has to steal time in the middle of your busy life.

However, if you are really busy, try doing Yoga in the morning. Doing Yoga can increase blood flow in various areas of your body including the back area. This will lead to improving the quality of your health.

Help to Reduce the Effect of Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that occurs due to narrowing of the passages. Well, this can actually be reduced by catching your breath slower than usual. By controlling the breath, the asthma can gradually reduce its effect.

However, practicing breathing is certainly not that easy for some people. Well, with Yoga, everyone can do breathing rhythm training better and regularly.

Fat Loss

Burning fat is one of the advantages of doing Yoga. Still a matter of metabolism, by doing yoga your body will launch the metabolic processes so that no food accumulates without being digested successfully. This is what makes Yoga also used as a weight loss method.