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2015 Line Up! Workshop & Teacher Training

We'd like to welcome the year 2015 with joy and happiness! There are numerous demand on high quality visiting instructors, that's why you need to mark your schedule for (many) date next year. Sooo exciteedd!!!

February 13-15 - Carrie Owerko : Stability & Mobility : A Dynamic Relationship more info here

March 1-7 - Doug Swenson : Yang Teacher Training more info here

March 8 - Doug Swenson : Vinyasa & Ashtanga Weekend Class more info here

March 12-15 - Stephanie Quirk : Iyengar Yoga more info here

March 27-29 - Marcia Monroe : Scoliosis in Sequences more info here

August 28 - Mira Mehta : Yoga Breath Work more info here

August 29-30 - Mira Mehta : Yoga and Ayurveda more info here

Click on the link to get further info about the class and its schedule. Register yourself now (and get early bird price!)