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Jakartadoyoga Soft Opening Event: Walking Meditation and Yoga All Day Long November 2007

Jakarta may not be the friendliest city for those who enjoy their daily dose of walk or just being outdoor.  The combination of scorching heat, polluted air, noisy motorists and catcalling bystanders are enough to encourage many of us to hop into a car or a cab to reach our destination, or seek refuge in an air conditioned mall or gym.  But wake up early enough, when the city is still largely asleep, and the streets of downtown Jakarta looks like a whole different place.

This is what some of the city’s yoga enthusiasts did on Nov. 24, when they gathered to take advantage of the early morning clean air for a walking meditation to a nearby park.

About 30 people met at 5:30 at the Jakartadoyoga studio in Jl. Sunda no. 7, Menteng, Central Jakarta. The newly-opened studio organized the Walking Meditation and Yoga all Day Long event in cooperation with FIT Magazine and Women Radio, 94.3 FM.

The walking meditation was led by noted yoga teacher Yudhi. He instructed the group on what walking meditation is all about, telling them to stay quiet as they take slow, mindful steps to the park.  The walk took 35 minutes, with the group going through smaller residential streets in Menteng to reach Taman Surapati.

Once they reached the destination, the participants placed their yoga mat over plastic sheets rolled out on the ground to keep the mats from being wet and began their practice out in the open.  Yudhi led the practice, beginning with several rounds of sun salutations, moving on to some standing poses, a few backbends, and closing it with a short meditation and, finally, the savasana. The practice lasted a little over an hour, after which they were transported back to the studio.

At the studio some of the participants dispersed for home or breakfast, while others got ready to join the first practice of the day at 8 a.m.  Led by Devi the vinyasa class was attended by 18 people, some of whom were new to yoga. It is the first of the five yoga classes that day, each with a 30-minute break in between.  Olop led the next class that morning, teaching standing poses in Iyengar style. He was followed by Sisi, who taught Flow, and Erick, who also taught a session in the Iyengar discipline.

At 3 p.m. new students and a few of those who had participated in all the earlier class resumed for the Ashtanga vinyasa taught by Devi. Olop closed the day with a session on backbends.  All in all about 100 people participated throughout the whole day event, including three who flew all the way in from Palu, Central Sulawesi, and Pekanbaru, Riau.

At the end of the day, some of them might be a little more tired than others, having done more than one yoga practice that day.  Ultimately, yoga brought them all together in pursuit of that state of union – the mind, body and soul.


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